Youth Indoor Soccer


Each team is only allowed to have two coaches in the player bench area; one head coach and one assistant coach. Only the head coach can communicate with the official on the field. This includes all pregame, post-game, substitutions or questions about a ruling on the field. Teams can have more than two coaches for practices. Coaches will also be required to attend the preseason coaches meeting. For house teams, volunteer coaches will handle all coaching responsibilities. If you are interested in volunteering to coach your son or daughter's team, please let PrimeTime staff know at sign up.

Uniforms and Equipment

PrimeTime Indoor will provide each player with a jersey and number. One free jersey is included with your annual membership. If you need a different color jersey during the year, they cost $10 each. Uniform color will be based on the head coach's preference and colors available (first come, first served). Players will need to purchase shorts, socks and shin guards. Players can wear cleats, turf shoes, indoors soccer shoes or regular running or cross trainer shoes. The indoor turf is a very fast, sturdy surface. Shin guards are required.


The fee for our Youth Indoor Soccer leagues varies from $65 to $75 depending on the type of league.. There is also an annual $25 individual membership fee. Each membership also features these benefits:

  • PrimeTime Indoor Player Jersey

The Game

The game of indoor soccer is a fast paced variation of the outdoor game. Players will develop speed, agility and a sharper mind for the game. It is usually a more high scoring game with a lot more control and precision. Players should greatly improve their skills in a few short weeks.


The game schedules will be made the week before the season begins. Any schedule requirments should be provided to PrimeTime at least a week before the first game. Schedules will be printed and available on the first day of games. This schedule (most likely) will change. Any games that need to be rescheduled after the schedule is published will be scheduled on two different Sundays during the league or an available game slot that comes available. The schedule on EZ Facility will always be accurate.

The Season

The season will last 6-7 weeks with each team playing one game a week. All youth games will be player on Saturdays. Games will start at 8am and will end by 8pm. If the two teams have a game day conflict, they will be able to reschedule game times. Rescheduled games will be played either Friday evening or Sunday afternoon or evening.


Nationwide, teams that play indoor have very few practices. PrimeTime holds to this idea. Teams at PrimeTime may rent the field, but no free practice time is included in our youth leagues.